Senior Selection Criteria

Six seniors and three super seniors from the two provincial teams are selected by taking a player’s best seven rounds with the KZN Provincial Championships score replacing the lowest of the seven rounds. If a player is unable to play the KZN Provincial Championships for which permission needs to be granted timeously by the Committee, then he may be selected as a “wild card selection”. There may only be two players selected in this way.  In the case of super seniors, only one “wild card” selection.  The Executive Committee, who will be the Selection Committee, will select two seniors and one super senior using the OOM and other factors they deem relevant. In the event of a tie for a place in the top 6, all those players (to a maximum of 3) in the tie for 6th position will automatically be included in the team.  If there is a four-way tie for the 6th position the Executive will determine which player will not be selected.

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